At Plancton, we pursue to make products that are essential for tranquil everyday life.  We will produce products that are intriguing, that touch people in a personal way, subjective way.

We emphasize on creating products that are universal and long-lasting. Without excess and with a firm understanding of the essentials, we hope to convey the emotional weight that is contained in the original material. What comes out of our production process can be something that is deep and enthusiastic that can reach a few, or it can be something broader and accessible to a wider audience.

We hope our products create a single field on which different things from diverse backgrounds link with each other, integrate, and trigger people with the new, unexpected relationships and findings.

Our goal is to reach and intrigue people, who take our products in their hands, even by chance.
We will always remember to make things that can be passed on to generations to come, and things that can affect people in emotional way.